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sprint n : a quick run [syn: dash] v : run very fast, usually for a short distance

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  1. A short race at top speed
  2. A burst of speed or activity


A short race at top speed
  • Croatian: sprint
  • Czech: sprint
  • Finnish: pikajuoksu
  • German: Kurzstreckenlauf
A burst of speed or activity
  • Croatian: sprint
  • Finnish: pyrähdys
  • German: Spurt


sprint or
  1. To run etc at top speed for a short period


To run etc at top speed for a short period




From sprint.


hr-noun m



  1. sprint

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fr-noun m
  1. sprint, short top-speed race.

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A sprint is a sharp burst of forward movement.
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Synonyms, Antonyms and Related Words

Le Mans, air race, automobile race, bicycle race, boat race, bound, burst, burst of speed, canter, contest of speed, cross-country race, dash, dead run, derby, dog race, dogtrot, drag race, endurance race, flank speed, flat-out speed, footrace, forced draft, fox-trot, full gallop, gallop, get, git, hand gallop, headlong rush, heat, heavy right foot, high lope, hightail, hop, hop along, hotfoot, hurdle race, jog trot, lap, leap, lope, make tracks, marathon, marathon race, match race, maximum speed, motorcycle race, obstacle race, open throttle, plunge, potato race, race, regatta, relay, relay race, road race, run, rush, sack race, scamper, scoot, scud, scurry, scuttle, shin, speedway race, spring, sprint race, spurt, step, step along, step lively, stock-car race, three-legged race, torch race, track race, trip, trot, walk, wide-open speed, yacht race
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